Feminine power in the 21st century is still largely misunderstood.

Today, women have endless possibilities for the direction of their lives. No longer limited to the confines of biological achievements as a good wife and mother, women are taught to choose their steps carefully if they want to maintain freedom. With this, women learn that these “improved” possibilities involving love, money, work, and so on are extremely limited. As we develop this societal perception full of limitations, we begin to pick up on the detrimental art of self-comparison. Who’s the most intelligent? Who “works” the hardest? Who’s the prettiest? The most thin? And so on.

The dangerous habit of self-comparison operates on fear, rather than strength or confidence. 

Constantly comparing oneself to other people puts them entirely at the mercy of others, in relation to what they think of themselves. It is this concept that strips them of all personal power.

At the root of it all, what we fail to communicate to women is the power they hold in their natural strength of vulnerability. Too often women are taught to deny this natural strength because after all, why embrace vulnerability when it has largely left us to terrible violation?

The fact of the matter is, whether man or woman, to grow emotionally and psychologically, one must acknowledge their personal vulnerability. With this, the feminine strength of vulnerability has an important role to play, both individually and collectively. In a time when our society is facing many serious battles, from racism to violence and everything in between, our biggest hope in moving through these difficult times lies in feminine power - rooted and realized in vulnerability.

While masculine strengths are equally important, the righteous backlash of feminism continues to be largely misunderstood by both men and women. This is due to the idea that our society was built on logic and action. Setting aside ideas of right and wrong, good or bad, these fundamental aspects of our society have largely left men ignorant to the power of female strengths, and the importance of the feminine essence. At the same time, it has created confusion for an increasingly large number of women, and stopped them from embracing their authentic, feminine selves. Each of these damaging outcomes have protruded into the lives of both genders creating confusion, anger, and sadness of all kinds.  

Ultimately, the question becomes, "historically, what have we done when both logic and action have failed us? When our exhaustion has demanded surrender, what has allowed us to carry on?"

The answer lies in the strength of vulnerability. Admitting to our failure, and surrendering to our vulnerability without action is so often the moment when something truly new takes place. It is the strength in surrendering to a seemingly endless battle, that helps us find a hidden path we have never accessed before.

“We can’t control life, but we can come to be in communion with it.” -Hilary Hart


Until next time!