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Boss Babe Blogging - Content Editing Package


About This Package:

The Level 2 Boss Babe Blogging - Content Editing Package is perfect for small businesses looking to maintain a professional blog presence online. This package allows you to prepare well thought-out, well-written, and well-edited work, each and every time you post. It's like hiring a personal editor without the high costs! If you blog on a consistent basis and want to hire an editor to make sure your content is always in tip-top shape, this package is just for you. 

What's Included:

1. Content questionnaire. 

2. Editing - Assessment: (1) Typos (2) Spelling (3) Punctuation (4) Grammar (5) Tense (6) Sentence structure (7) Word usage (8) Numbers & Symbols (9) Acronyms & Abbreviations.

3. Organization - Assessment: (1) Level of clarity (2) Transitions (3) Level of reading difficulty (4) Formatting (5) Full flow & combined structure. 

4. Inconsistencies - Assessment: (1) Tone (2) Terminology (3) Product names & trademarks (4) Style (headings, subheadings, numbered lists, etc.).

5. Appearance - Assessment: (1) Page display (2) Style consistency (3) Placement of information. 

6. Full editing, done by us weekly. 

7. Follow-up email every month, discussing common mistakes & corrections.

8. 24-48 hour turnaround period per blog.

Package Process:

Purchase package → Receive your Questionnaire + Project Packet → Complete the questionnaire and email it back to me → I'll assess your questionnaire responses and get back to you with any questions → You send me your first piece of content → I conduct your first round of edits, refereed to as the "editing assessment"  → I conduct your second round of edits, refereed to as the "organization assessment" → I conduct your third round of edits, refereed to as the "inconsistencies assessment"→ I conduct your fourth round of edits, refereed to as the "appearance assessment"→ I deliver the edited content to you within 24-48 hours → I send you a follow-up email at the end of the month, discussing common mistakes and corrections. 

How To Purchase:

Add this package to the cart and check out. Once you've completed your order and your payment has been processed, you will receive your questionnaire and an email with the next steps. You should receive this email within 24 hours of purchasing. If you place an order and do not hear from us within 48 hours, please email me at: hello@ellcreative.co. 

More Questions? Click here to Contact Us, or email us directly at: hello@ellcreative.co.

Time: 1 Edited Blog/Week (1,000 words max)

Investment: $100/Month (includes 4 blog posts)

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