I’ve always had a passion for content and design. Whether it be written website content, branding, logo design, or anything in between, ever since I was a little girl I knew creative content and design would find me again and again in my future career. In order to hone in on this passion, and cater to my entrepreneurial spirit, I attended Emerson College in Boston, MA, where I earned a Bachelor's of Science in Marketing Communications. Since, I have not only gained professional work experience in the field of marketing, but have also had the amazing opportunity to work with some super fabulous brands.

So, where did it all begin? I am a firm believer that successful brands are built on compelling stories, and communicated through captivating content and design. Captivating content has the potential to connect with tons of new people, and create meaningful relationships around one’s brand. Yet, as a small business owner myself, I’m fully aware it can be quite difficult to find the time and energy to produce valuable content on a consistent basis. I'm also aware that hiring someone to create content for us, isn't always within the budget. Knowing this, I started ELL Creative with a desire to make savvy content and design solutions available to all my fellow boss babes. As a creative with a sheer passion for words and a strong appreciation for captivating designs, I truly love finding the perfect balance between logic and magic, in order to bring the brand stories of our clients to life.





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Through savvy, smart, and stylish content and design, we’ll help you strengthen consumer relationships, build online presence, and ultimately drive revenue!

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