For various reasons, our society often causes women to feel they possess little to no control over many situations. While there are various harmful societal processes that still exist in diminishing the control women possess over their own lives, I’m writing this article to establish that regardless of the situation, women can always posses control in at least one way: not to be reduced by the events that happen to them.

It’s true we don’t always have control over what happens in our lives, but we do possess the power not to be reduced by those events. We possess the power to keep fighting for what we believe in no matter how many times we get knocked down. We possess the power to maintain a lifestyle that sets a strong example for future generations of women. And, we possess the power to build and maintain an unstoppable amount of internal strength.

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So, how can we go about doing this? For one, we can try not to blame the people around us when things go wrong. This doesn’t mean we need to blame ourselves, because we are certainly not responsible for all that goes wrong in our lives. Yet, we can leave the meaningless emotion of blame aside and commit to learning from each situation instead.

As women, I believe we must view ourselves as a gendered category blessed with unlimited internal strength. We must take the conventional beliefs of society that deem the strength of female emotion irrelevant, and prove them wrong displaying the opposite through the power of our actions. We must continue to pick ourselves up and move on.

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Instead of dwelling on the pain of setbacks, let’s focus on the powerful fights we’ve put up against those set-backs. The fights that ultimately stirred our emotions and propelled us to pursue our passions regardless of how many times we were viewed negatively or judged solely based on our gender.

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Let’s commit to telling ourselves something positive every morning, whether that be how we look or handled a specific situation, and continue to move forward with strength.

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