Hiring employees is only the beginning of creating a strong work place. In order to build on this strength, one must learn how to retain their employees. If one is constantly focused on employee turnover, they ultimately end up devoting less and less to more important aspects of their business. Moreover, the longer an employee stays in one position, the more productive and efficient the work they product for you will be.

Therefore, we’ve put together several tips on how make employees want to stay at your company forever:

  1. Conduct interviews based on why employees stay at your company.
  • In addition to conducting interviews with the people who decide to leave your company, it’s almost important to find out why people stay. Asking these employees questions pertaining to, why they initially started working at your company? What makes them want to stay? What would cause them to leave? How they view the leadership at your company? And lastly, what would make your company even better for them? After conducting these interviews with several different employees, you can look over your notes to find common trends in things these people both like and dislike. From here, you can take this information and use it to strengthen your employee retention strategy.


  1. Provide employees with a clear path to promotion.
  • In retaining employees, it becomes very important to provide a clear path to promotion. Without a direct goal in mind, employees can quickly become discouraged. Employees may begin to feel like the work they’re producing is meaningless to both their future and the company’s. Therefore, be sure to establish this path before even starting the process of hiring.

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  1. Make sure your leadership team is involved.
  • In order to hone in on employee development and foster open communication between managers and the employees working under them, make sure you dedicate time for them to work together. Train managers on how to coach employees to move forward to new positions, especially if they have demonstrated superior performance in their work. Moreover, teach them how to encourage employees who may not be performing so well at work.


  1. Make sure your employees know what you expect of them.
  • Many leaders make the mistake of assuming employees know what they expect of them. Yet, the truth is, every employer expects tasks to be completed a little differently from the next, and it shouldn’t be on the employee’s to figure this out. Therefore, you must communicate your expectations clearly right from day one. If your expectations happen to change, make sure to call a meeting and explain how and why they’ve changed right away.

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  1. Lastly, consistently communicate your company’s mission.
  • Yes, you always have your company’s mission in the back if your mind. But, it’s important to remember that your employees don’t. The company mission is what ultimately keeps employees mentally and emotionally invested in your company. Therefore, it’s extremely important to communicate this mission to them on a consistent basis. For example, if a group of employees has been working on a big project that has met some hefty trials and tribulations over the last few weeks, take a moment to remind them of why they’re putting in all this hard work. Allow them to take a step back and look at the larger effect they’re having on the company as a whole.


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