Many companies find employee recognition one of their most difficult tasks. This is often due to the fact that because every employee is different, it becomes exceedingly hard to find a “common ground” for an appropriate employee recognition strategy. Yet, if you want to keep up with the challenge of employee recognition, you need to keep your strategy fresh, exciting, and relevant. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of the latest objectives and ideas for developing an effective employee recognition strategy.

yoyo-employee-recognition-infographic - EditedOverall, your employee recognition strategy should be based on three main objectives:

  1. Coaching: Finding ways to match the interests, needs, and talents of employees, with company objectives.
  2. Relationships: Finding ways to establish and maintain personal and trusting relationships with employees.
  3. Dialogue: Finding ways to establish an open atmosphere at your workplace. Moreover, a place where employees feel encouraged to engage in open and frequent conversations with co-workers. In doing this, you avoid problems that could lead to disengagement.

The latest ideas on developing an effective employee recognition strategy:

yoyo-blog-employee-recognition-idea-list - Editedyoyo-blog-employee-recognition-idea-list - Edited (1)yoyo-blog-employee-recognition-idea-list - Edited (2)

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