What’s your dream? 

Most people run through their agonizing daily routine with an ultimate goal in mind. The few lucky one’s have achieved a fairly enjoyable routine with an ultimate goal(s) in mind. 

What I have often found about this scenario involving the way people live their lives, is that whether the majority achieve their ultimate goal or not, they continue to envy the minority of people who have lived fairly enjoyable lives on a day to day basis.

"Follow Your Dreams"

Since the beginning of communism, our society has thrived off an idea of the “American Dream.” An idea that grants one the opportunity to work, get paid according to their abilities, and ultimately create a “better” life for themselves made up of material things. Yet, while I recognize that one does need a certain amount of money for life’s necessities in order to keep themselves dry, fed, and altogether healthy, the overall idea of the “American Dream” has been largely taken out of context.

People begin to vigorously chase this “dream” by sprinting through a series of torturous tasks until reaching a finish line that they ultimately realize never actually existed. For many, this realization happens during mid-life, resulting in a harrowing mid-life crisis.

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Yet, regardless of whether the realization comes midlife or later, many people feel it’s too late to significantly change their lives for the better. Therefore, I feel it’s essential to to share this overarching perspective on “chasing the American Dream,” with younger generations, before it’s too late for them to stop chasing THE dream, and to start chasing THEIR dream.

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