​The United States maliciously and ignorantly strives for immigration regulation and labor control, causing the oppression of undocumented immigrants. America carries the common perception that immigrants are the cause of our society’s downfall due to perceived acts of “welfare abuse.” Ironically, immigrants main attraction to the United States is the jobs. Initially, Americas negative perception largely regarded men as sharing a desire to steal the jobs of U.S. citizens. Yet, this negative perception has largely shifted towards immigrant women, seeing them as “brood mares” who come to the U.S. to have children, collect welfare, and overburden the environment, public hospitals and schools. Considering the majority of immigrant workers coming to the U.S. are women, they are most prominently oppressed as a gendered category, by America’s current negative perceptions in comparison to men.

The United States negative perception of immigrants shifted from a focus on men to women when they became the preferred labor source within the country, needing child care, cleaning and laundry work. With this, women are seen as the leaders of this “threatening demographic trend” causing the negative perceptions of many Americans in regards to their reproductive capabilities. Many Americans see the reproductive right of female immigrant’s as a threat to the country, considering reproduction of a child can potentially lead to their dependence on United States money and resources, in order to raise the child.

The United States also argues that the reproduction of children by female immigrants is a threat to potential transformation of American culture. Multiple federal proposals have been submitted to the U.S. government with intent to control and punish female immigrants, as well as their children. With this, their initial goals appears to involve control over restricting the reproductive rights of female immigrants.

This widespread negative perception of female immigrants ultimately allows practices abolished long ago, such as racism, native-ism, and patriarchy, to resurface. Therefore, this perception only serves in adding to a preexisting social issue involving the oppression of women as a gendered category.

What most United States citizens carrying this perception are naive to is the fact that the U.S. government thrives off of this patriarchal manipulation of female immigrants’ and their reproductive rights. This harmful manipulation makes possible the maintenance and reproduction of the American labor force at virtually no cost to the government.

All in all, the unfortunate manipulation of the U.S. government and the negative perceptions over female immigrants seals their fate, making them more receptive to scorned, low-paid service jobs once they arrive.


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